More than 50 years of experience as manufacturers of paints and coatings

Two generations dedicated to the production and distribution of paints and coatings.

Founded in 1970 by Mr. Vicente Andrés Muedra, BARNICES ANDRES® combines 50 years of experience with a young and dynamic management prepared to face the demands of today’s market.

During its years of activity, the company has greatly diversified its product portfolio. Acquiring great prestige at the beginning for the development of high quality products for wood varnishing, today it has achieved great success in other sectors such as metal coating or glass decoration.

At BARNICES ANDRES® we strive to offer alternatives that provide a competitive advantage for users of our products. For this, a deep knowledge of the needs of our clients and their working methods is essential, so we establish a close and close communication link with them.

Our greatest satisfaction is the trust that our customers place in our products on a daily basis.

01. Quality

We understand the importance of offering products that our customers can trust. Our Quality Department analyzes each batch through a rigorous sampling and inspection system, following the applicable regulations in each case. In this way, we guarantee compliance with the technical specifications of each product with the established standards.

02. Personalized
technical advice

Varnishing jobs are complex, so we are aware of the technical difficulties that our customers must face. At BARNICES ANDRES® we put at your disposal all our knowledge and experience to accompany you throughout the work process. We are specialists in listening, understanding and providing quick and effective solutions to solve any need.

03. Customized
product development

We know that each painting and varnishing process is different, and that is why we optimize our products to adapt them according to the client’s needs. Our commitment leads us to offer paints and coatings perfectly adjusted to the production process of each client.

04. 50 años
de experiencia

BARNICES ANDRES® brings together the knowledge and experience of two generations dedicated to the development of varnishes and paints, combining a high technical level with a young, dynamic and innovative management, prepared to face the challenges of today’s market.

05. Innovation

At BARNICES ANDRES® we accept the challenge posed by an increasingly demanding market. We have an Innovation Department that strives to modernize our products, the services we offer and the procedures we use, in order to increase our competitiveness and that of our clients.

06. Environmental

Sustainability and respect for the environment are fundamental values ​​for BARNICES ANDRES®. The entire Management Team is deeply committed to meeting environmental objectives, developing products that respect the environment and always operating with the preservation of the natural environment as a priority.