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Precision and ease of use

BARNICES ANDRES® has extensive experience in the field of colorimetry, the formulation of convertible bases and the construction of tinting systems.

ANDREMIX® is a highly versatile solution made up of water-based and solvent-based products, developed to meet the colorimetric needs of the end user and the distributor or service center.

Our goal is to bring the efficiency and precision of the BARNICES ANDRES® color laboratory closer to the user, making it possible to easily implement a wide variety of colorimetric solutions.



The BARNICES ANDRES® team relies on its experience and knowledge to advise its clients when choosing the right equipment for each installation. The choice is personalized according to the needs of each client.

The factors to take into account at the time of deployment are the number of colorants to be used, the consumption or rotation of colorants and the minimum and maximum amounts of product to prepare.

For this, there is the possibility of implementing a manual system, highly versatile and easy to use, or an automated system, suitable for large volumes of production.

Andremix, sistema tintométrico


Our converter bases are products specially formulated to be combined with colorants. The compatibility between components is studied to guarantee maximum color development, which at the same time helps to ensure precision in color reproduction.

We have converter bases for the different product lines with which we work, so that the client will find options for coatings of a wide variety of substrates and diverse applications.

Barnices Andrés


Our colorant systems have been carefully tailored to cover the entire color space through use. The colorants that make up our systems have been developed seeking maximum stability and compatibility with the converter bases.

ANDRECOLOR® colorants, designed to be used for both manual and automated dosing, follow strict quality controls that guarantee high continuity between batches, with the aim of ensuring maximum precision in color reproduction.

Andremix, sistema tintométrico


Standard color charts are a very useful tool as they establish a recognized universal communication system throughout the supply chain.

BARNICES ANDRES® makes available to the service center or distributor more than 10,000 color formulas included in the main charts for use in the professional sector.

Our formulas available in ANDREMIX® software have been developed by our Color Department and are remotely reviewed and updated by our servers.

Paleta colores


There is the possibility of including a series of additional tools that, although they are not essential in the initial implementation of a tinting system, facilitate the tasks of preparation, adjustment and color reproduction.

Our specialists will help the user to understand the usefulness of these tools as well as to make use of them, so that they can be integrated into the tinting system in an effective and simple way.

Sistema tintométrico